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  • 2017 – Museografia Digital do Castro do Zambujal (Digital Museography of Zambujal – Bronze Age Site) Project management: museum pannels, leaflet and audioguide. http://storyplaces.eu/zambujal/
  • 2012/13 – F.R.O.G. Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide Script writing for social robotics project – a robot guide in Alcazar of Seville and Lisbon Zoo. Colaboration with Ydreams. http://www.frogrobot.eu/
  • 2010/11  – “The image in Science and Art” link Centre of Philosophy and History of Sciences of the University of Lisbon / Centro de Filosofia e História das Ciências da Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade de Lisboa. http://ica.fc.ul.pt/ Participation with a communication during the course “The images with what Science is made” (“As imagens com que Ciência se faz”) and respective publication in book. (CASELLA, Guida, ‘A criação de Imagem na Arqueologia, in “As imagens com que a ciência se faz”, Org. Olga POMBO and Sílvia di MARCO, Fim de Século-Edições, ISBN 978-972-754-279-6, pp45-56.)
  • 2010/11   – “IDEAL – Intercultural Drawing for European Adult Learning” link  International Project on Informal Education of adults through Drawing. Contribution as facilitator  of  Drawing Activities, and participation in mobility meetings between the partners. (Lisbon, November 2010, Dublin May 2011).

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