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‘Remixing the Archive”

Webdocumentário: O Paradigma da Interatividade e a Tradição do Documentário 2016

Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã (31 Mar. 2016)




‘Stories of Zambujal: Enhancing an Archaeological Exhibit through Digital Storytelling’

Digital Humanities in Portugal Conference 2015

FCSH-UNL, (8,9 Out. 2015)


‘Digital Storytelling for Archaeological Communication’

Fostering Science & Innovation Ecosystems: Portugal-USA Partnerships 2015

joint organization of the CMU, MIT, UT Austin Portugal Programs, with UTEN Portugal,

funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

Poster in 1st Joint Conference and Exhibition of the International Partnerships,

Palácio Foz , Lisboa (28, 29 Mai. 2015)



‘Unveilling the story of Castro do Zambujal : Visual Methodologies’

DiMe – 2nd Digital Media Research Methods Conference 2014

FEUP, Porto (5 Dez. 2014)


‘Using Digital Storytelling to Communicate Archaeological Sites: Preliminary Findings’

UT Austin Portugal Digital Media Doctoral Symposium, Futureplaces 2014

UPTEC PINC, Porto (15 Out. 2014).



 Augmented Heritage – situating Augmented  Reality Mobile Apps in Cultural Heritage Communication’  International Conference on  Information Systems and Design of Communication,  ACM Chapter Conference, ISDOC’13, Workshop on Digital Cultural Communication, July 11-12 , 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.


Remediating Adam: Archaeological Reconstruction in the  Age of Digital Communication’ TAG 2013, Annual Meeting of the Theoretical  Archaeological Group, Chicago.  Communication in the Panel “Seeing, Thinking, Doing” Org. by Sara Perry.


“Visualizing Archaeology in old and new media” Seminar in MA in Illustration and MA in Scientific Illustration, ISEC , Lisbon


 “Archaeological Image – print and digital media”  Seminar in MA in Illustration and MA in Scientific Illustration, ISEC , Lisbon

“Technical survey methods in Archaeology” Campo Arqueológico de Mértola, March 2011

“19th century traveller’s  artistic representation of heritage sites”  Museu Arqueológico do Carmo, Lisbon, May 2011


“Arteology, Art+Archaeology”Roundtable on Drawing and Heritage with Drª Olga Pombo, Dr. Nuno Nabais, Dr. Pedro Salgado, Dr. Luís Lima, Drª Ilknur Ari. Public presentation of my Artistic Residence in Drawingspages:  “Time line – The time of Drawing” Drawingspaces, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon.



“Archaeological Illustration: Aplications and State of the Art”, Seminar to the students of the

MA in Illustration and Scientific Illustration, ISEC – Superior Institut of Education and Sciences.

“Archaeology Field Sketchbooks”, Roundtable on Sketchbooks and Science with Dr. Pedro Salgado, Dr. Pedro Fernandes. Lagos Living Science Centre (Ciência Viva de Lagos).

“Ethics and Aesthetics in Reconstructing the Past –Precision Utopia?” (“Utopia do  Rigor: Ética  e Estética na Reconstrução do Passado);Workshop“The image with what science is made” (“A imagem com que a ciência se faz”), Centre for the philosophy of the sciences, FCSH, UL,  25 Maio.

“Ethics and Aesthetics in Reconstructing the Past  in Archaeology and in Journalism“ Archaeological Conference of Alcacer do Sal, (Encontro de Arqueologia de Alcácer do Sal), 21-23 May.

 “Drawing the tomb of King D. Fernando I” (“Levantamento Gráfico do Túmulo de D. Fernando I do Museu Arqueológico do Carmo”) Presentation in a Performative Arts Event, “Projecto Chão , Acupunturas Urbanas” 7 de Feb.

“Sketchbooks in Archaeology”, Roundtable on Sketchbooks and Science with Dr. Pedro Salgado,

Dra Olga Pombo, Dr Pedro Salgado e Dr Pedro Fernandes, Drawingspaces,Fábrica do Braço de Prata.                 



“Archaeological Educational Illustration “ (“Ilustração Arqueológica e pedagógica: uma história esquecida?”), Association Prima Folia, Setúbal.


“Scientific Illustration of Estácio da Veiga 1828-1891” (“Ilustração Cientifica em Estácio da Veiga”), no 4th Archaeological Conference of Algarve, (IV Encontro de Arqueologia do Algarve), Silves.


‘Archaeological Illustration –a subject on its own right’, na Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors Annual Meeting, Allard Pierson Museum, Amesterdam, Holand.

 Participation in the conference  ‘Mujeres marginales y marginalizadas’ with the text “The image of Woman in Prehistory”, (“A imagem da mulher na pré-história”) by invitation of  PhD Vítor O. Jorge and  Drª Ana Vale, during the Course “Knowing the Past” (“El conecimento del pasado”), 16th Feb. University of Salamanca.


“Archaeological Illustration – and Etnographic Illustration” ,  (“Ilustração Arqueológica, um percurso’”)

Homage Meeting to Fernando Galhano 1904-1995, Colóquio de Homenagem a Fernando Galhano, 26 – 27  Nov. Library Almeida Garrett, OPorto, participation with  Gonçalo Velho.


“Archaeological Illustration in Portugal”, Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors Annual Meeting, 5 – 7 de Sep., King’s College, University of Winchester, UK


“Metologies used in making the Drawing of Lagar Velho Palaeolithic Child Burial” , (“Metodologias na execução da ilustração cientifica do Menino do Lapedo”), Seminar “Views on Heritage”, Seminário Olhares sobre o Património, Geologic and Minery Institut, Instituto Geológico e Mineiro, Lisboa.


“Lagar Velho Palaeolithic Skeleton: Reconstructing a Burial” com with Cidália Duarte , in the  Guild of Natural Sciences Illustrators Annual Meeting, University of Évora.


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