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Guida Casella, b.1974 Lisbon

Scientific Illustrator, Lecturer, Researcher.

Guida received her MA in Archaeological Illustration from Swindon College, University of Bath, UK and her Degree in Fine Arts Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon.

She worked as a senior scientific illustrator and infographic designer for several Archaeological Teams, namely the German Archaeological Institut, the Portuguese Heritage Institute, and other Archaeology Companies in Portugal.

She is currently working on her PhD dissertation in Digital Humanities  (FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa – UT Austin Portugal Programme) titled “Interactive Storytelling for Archaeology, Unveiling the story of Castro do Zambujal in 20th and 21st century visual media formats”.

Her research interest within the field of Visual Culture, lies in the questioning of the visual representations and storytelling of the past.

Adopting a  medium focused approach to this visual genre she investigates  how  digital technologies contribute to the contemporary production of memory and identity.

In her Phd dissertation she is looking at the images that were used to commmunicate an archaeological site, both for scientific and popular communication, and how the remediation of this Archive to screen media and interactive publishing offers new perspectives on the construction of “memoryscapes” or spaces of memory.

contact: guidacasella@gmail.com

phone: +351 91 910 81 60


Academic Page : http://www.ihc.fcsh.unl.pt/pt/ihc/investigadores/item/36649-guida-casella

Academia. edu https://unl-pt.academia.edu/GuidaCasella

Portfolio Behance https://www.behance.net/guidacasel377b